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Accepting an Offer

Let the Showings Begin

With photos and video now in our arsenal, we will launch the listing on the MLS and begin showing your home to agents and prospective buyers. According to your preferences on showings, this can involve agent open houses (broker caravan), public open houses (typically on weekends), as well as showings by appointment. We will discuss this with you and make sure you are comfortable with these processes, and how and when your home is shown. We’ll talk about the possible use of a lockbox, preferred showing times and how to handle kids, pets, privacy and securing your valuables. Getting qualified and interested buyers into your home and engaging productive local agents who will bring in buyers looking for a home like yours are our objectives.

Reviewing and Accepting an Offer

After presenting your home to prospective buyers, the offers will start to come in. Now is where we begin negotiations with the agents and reviewing each offer with you. How these negotiations will proceed and how long they may take depends on your goals, your timing and your home’s specifics. We will share with you how we handle the process at the initial listing appointment. We are skilled negotiators and we have a solid track record securing the highest price in the shortest time on the market for our home seller clients. We’ll negotiate price and terms, including possible repairs, lease-backs, length of time to close, etc. If at the end of the negotiation process, you accept an offer, we’ll then dive into the escrow process. At this point, we will walk you through each of the phases in detail so you’ll know exactly what is happening at every step.