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Making A Plan

Can We Go See Homes Now?

Nope. Not yet. Before we go out and preview homes, it’s important to talk with you and find out what you want, why you are moving, what your life is like now and what you want it to be after you close and get your keys. We need to talk about timing too.

Let’s Consider Location and Lifestyle

After taking care of your finances, this is the next part of the search and decision process. Here’s where you envision your day-to-day life and how your home fits into that vision. Before thinking about the specifics of the home, you should imagine where it is you want to live and what your daily life is like – and what you want it to be like when you move into your home.

Have You Thought About…

What type of setting do you want? Urban, Coastal, Suburban, Rural? Do you want skyline/city views, mountain views or maybe a quiet canyon-edge backyard? Maybe a large, flat lot with room for the kids to play or for your flower or vegetable gardens? Do you like gardening or would you rather have a pool and/or large patio because you enjoy entertaining and hosting friends and family throughout the year. Do you want to be close to the ocean? If so, is it because you surf, love to swim, run on the beach, or because you just want an ocean view? Do you have children who need to be driven to school or is there a specific school you want them to attend? How long of a commute do you want? Is being close to your favorite grocery store, yoga studio or gym important? How about proximity to family and friends? Do you have pets that need to be walked and you prefer a neighborhood with sidewalks? Once you begin assembling this vision of your home life and community, we can help you choose where to focus your home search to help make your dreams a reality.

Putting Together a Timeline

Related to the issues of lifestyle and location is the timing of your home purchase – your timing as well as market timing. Whether you are currently renting a property, need to sell a home before you buy, or if you are relocating from another state, city or country, putting together a timeline for your goals is crucial. When does the term of your lease expire? Are you starting a new job on a particular date? Are you needing temporary rental housing? Do you have children needing to be registered in a new school? These are only a few of the many issues we discuss with you when creating a timeline and strategy. While homes sell all throughout the year, there are periodic seasonal market adjustments that need to be accounted for. We’ll map out the timing with you and work to make it a smooth transition. Good planning relies on good communication and we’ll make sure you are always kept up to date with the details. At this early phase, we want to know how you prefer to communicate which will set the stage for a successful escrow process and overall experience. Calls, text message, FaceTime, emails, face-to-face meetings, etc. We’ll discuss the best way to communicate moving forward to make sure we can help you successfully execute your plan.