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7 Most common questions from Home Sellers

Unless you are a real estate agent, chances are you are going to have a lot of questions as you try to sell your home. The selling process and the ever-changing real estate market can be confusing, and there is a good chance that some things that you think are true – things you have heard from others – may not be accurate. If you are going to sell your home, it is worthwhile to ask your agent all the questions you have and educate yourself. The more you know, the more empowered you will be.

7 Questions Every Home Seller Has

1. What is the market like right now?

One thing most sellers can acknowledge is that they are not up-to-date on the current market. So of course the first person they turn to is their REALTOR®. Your agent should have a good idea of what is happening with the market because he or she is constantly selling homes. The agent will look at many factors such as average sale price for your area, average days on market, and other factors to give you an accurate answer.

2. Should I tell buyers everything about my house (even the bad stuff)?

As much as it can be hard to do so, the best path is the honest one – both morally and legally. You are required to disclose any issues. Failing to do so could get you in big trouble. That being said, always talk to your REALTOR® first. Issues you might think are major may not be, and many things can be fixed beforehand.

3. What price should I try to sell my home for?

Pricing your home is one of the biggest reasons why you want to hire a good REALTOR®. Price your home too high and you risk failure. Price it too low and you miss out on capitalizing on your investment. If you trust your agent – and you should if you hire him/her – then trust the price they advise. Too many sellers imagine their homes are worth more than they are and run into major issues trying to sell because they price too high.

4. Should I renovate the kitchen, bathroom, floors, etc?

Your REALTOR® can advise you on what renovations and fixes will be to your benefit financially. A lot of sellers pour money into renovations that they never get back. Always talk to your REALTOR® before renovating.

5. Should I wait to sell my home in the summer?

Many sellers have heard that listing in spring or summer is the only sure way to sell a house. While markets can vary on what season is best to sell a home, there are advantages to other seasons as well. Your agent can let you know when the best time to sell is in your market.

6. Can I be there at showings?

You do not want to be there when your home is shown. The REALTOR® is trained to sell, while you may make mistakes that inhibit the sale.

7. Do I really need a REALTOR®?

If you want to sell quickly, for the best price, and with the least amount of hassle to yourself and your family, the answer is YES. You can sell without an agent, but your chances of getting the best possible outcome go down considerably.